10 Habits That Help Chinese Women Stay Young

Chinese women are famous for their ability to maintain their beauty and youth until the elderly age. Women from other nations are jealous, while men think they know some secret of eternal freshness that makes them so attractive. If you have ever been to China, you should have noticed how good-looking local women are. You cannot even guess the age of a woman as you look at her. There is something in the behavior and lifestyle of Chinese women that helps them stay young longer. Let’s find out what it is. 

  1. Spending a lot on beauty products

Using special sorts of beauty products

Korean, Japanese, and Chinese women prefer to use cosmetics that are produced in their homeland. The fact is that Asian cosmetics contain fewer synthetic components; they are more natural and organic than many products presented by European beauty brands. However, Chinese cosmetics also have a significant drawback: they are tested on animals, but recently there have been talks about imposing a ban on this. 

Asian brides use another beauty life hack: they change their cosmetic products to counterparts of other brands at short intervals so that the skin does not get used to certain components.

Asian cosmetics often include natural ingredients such as snail mucin, swallow’s nest extract, and even snake venom – beauty products from Korea are especially famous for this. Asian brides use such remedies without fear since they are well aware of their tonic, cleansing, and anti-aging properties.

2.Usage of skin-whitening products and taking a hot tub

One of the favorite goods for Chinese women is whitening cream. Many girls believe that foreigners prefer Asian brides with the skin of lighter tones.

What cannot but admire in the Asians is their respect for their culture and the skillful use of the gifts available in order to stay healthy and beautiful. Due to volcanic activity, there are a huge number of hot springs in Japan. Bathing in such a spring enriches the human body with essential minerals and oxygen, thereby reducing stress levels and improving sleep. 

Busy Japanese women are replacing traditional bathing with a hot bath with aromatic salts and oils, which also has a beneficial effect on the condition of the body and skin.

Chinese and Japanese women are well versed in the healing properties of essential oils and actively use them not only during spa treatments, but also in everyday life, and also as aromatherapy.

  1. Maintaining a healthy diet

The authentic Chinese cuisine is something different from the one we used to eat in Chinese restaurants. It does not have as many meat dishes that we used to see in the menus of local Chinese spots. Instead, it contains a lot of vegetables and a few poultry and fish dishes. Red meat is rare in traditional Chinese food. 

Such an approach to nutrition helps women of China to stay fresh and look young for a very long time, since vegetable dishes are lighter in weight, easier for digestion, and useful for skin resilience. Consequently, if you would like to compare to Chinese ladies in terms of beauty and maintaining youthfulness, consider adding more veggies to your daily meals. 

  1. Doing exercises to stay slim 

Chinese women not only eat healthy but also work out often to help their bodies maintain a good shape. Tiny body sizes and small height are in their genes, but still, they consider fitness as an important part of their daily routine. At least twice a week, they hit local gyms to tone their arms, stomach area, and legs. Chinese women also adore sharing their fitness journey in social media to inspire others to track their progress. All of it contributes to the way they look and their striving for a better appearance. Therefore, staying young is a way of life for them.

  1. Sticking to the schedule 

A lifestyle of Chinese women prescribes a very strict discipline that determines their future success. You will hardly ever meet a woman of Chinese descent who is just wasting her time watching TV shows and eating snacks. Even when a Chinese girl meets with her girlfriends, their meeting was organized in advance to make sure the timing  is convenient for everyone. As you might have guessed, healthy nutrition, fitness, career, and enough sleep  are parts of this daily discipline they carry out. Any more questions about their youthfulness?

  1. Avoiding sugar

One more important ingredient of the Chinese elixir of youth is the absence of sugar. Chinese women are not used to eating sweets and biscuits and adding sugar to their drinks. They would rather eat something salty or spicy, but not sugar. Those who want to taste something sweet add sugar substitutes to their meals, e.g. stevia. All of it contributes to the flatness of Chinese ladies’ stomachs, since reducing sugar and other carbs helps to make the belly zone more toned. 

  1. Hiding the breast zone

Every Chinese woman who respects herself always covers her neckline. Except for  an occasion and clothing style, they never show off their breasts as it is unacceptable for decent ladies. This habit helps the skin in this tender zone to stay safe from the sun influence and other external factors that may harm it. Consequently, Chinese women have fewer nevi and wrinkles on their breast zone and look younger than women of other nationalities. 

  1. Drinking only hot water

The tradition of drinking only heated drinks lies deep in the culture of China. Local people think that a human body can stay healthy and young only if its key elements, yin and yang, are balanced. They believe that the increasing influence of the yang element makes the temperature of a human body higher. So to prevent the rise of the yang element, Chinese women and men try to maintain the yin element high. They do it by drinking hot water, tea, and other drinks aiming at decreasing their body temperature. We did not check whether it works, but look at Chinese women and their prolonged youthfulness. Who knows, maybe hot drinks are the key. 

  1. Taking a month off after giving birth 

The appearance of a new life in China is considered as one of the most energy and health consuming events in life. Despite the better state of their health and mind after the labor, Chinese women are given a month off to rest. During this time, they do not go out, wear warm clothes at home, and stay in bed as much as possible. All of that is done to help them recover and get the energy they lost back. Their newborn babies get all necessary care from their grandmothers or nurses at this time. This tradition is called Zuo Yue Zi and it is still practiced in China nowadays. 

Such an approach is very wise in terms of physical and mental recovery after giving birth since a lot of women may have health problems caused by the process. In countries where such postpartum ‘confinement’ is not practiced, women are subject to postnatal depression and baby blues. They have to care about their babies themselves and have nobody to help them. On the contrary, Chinese women are treated with more care during this time that contributes to their well-being and freshness in the long run. 

  1. Keeping their self-esteem high 

The last point we’d like to draw your attention to is the self-esteem of Chinese ladies. A habit of making compliments and demonstrating their love is a men’s custom,but such attitude to women makes the latter shine with energy and happiness. You will hardly ever meet a Chinese girl who is insecure or has any inner inferiority complex. The perception of self as a beautiful woman makes them look confident and enthusiastic and extends their youth for decades. 

As you can see, the habits of Chinese women influence their looks in many ways. At the same time, they are not hard to follow. All you need is the desire to become a better version of yourself and a habit tracker to watch your progress. Once you see the results, don’t hesitate to inspire others through your social media accounts and be the change you want to see in the world.